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ScreenBeam | Mini2
Model #: SBWD60A01
Mirror photos and videos to your HDTV

Wirelessly mirror ANY CONTENT from your mobile device to an HD display without Apps and without having to upload your content to the cloud. Enjoy movies, share pictures, play games and listen to music instantly without bogging down your home network!
Actiontec ScreenBeam  Mini 2
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Supports Android 4.2+ and Windows 8.1+/10 devices with Miracast. If your device is running Windows 7/8, use the ScreenBeam Mini2 Kit instead
Not compatible with iOS
No apps to load! Enjoy the wireless display capability already in your mobile device
Wirelessly share ALL the things you love from your device to the big screen: movies, videos, photos, music, applications, web browsing and more
Dedicated wireless connection. Your mobile device connects directly to the Mini2 adapter
Simple to use. Just plug the Mini2 into your big screen and you¡¦re connected!
No subscription fees, which means no need to set up an account for those recurring payments
Perfect for home use or for the mobile professional on the road
Supports up to full 1080p30 HD video and 2 channel stereo
Ultra-low latency for the best possible experience

Display the Content You Love

Unlike media players that just give you access to online video or other content, ScreenBeam Mini2 lets you share both local AND online content from your mobile device. You can screen mirror photos, downloaded movies, personal videos, music, photos, games, online TV shows, web browsing, applications, presentations, documents, and more. Share just about anything from your device onto a high-definition TV.

No Subscription Fees

With the ScreenBeam Mini2 wireless display adapter / receiver, you pay just a one-time fee ¡V for the device itself! You¡¦re completely free of any monthly subscription fees. With other devices you may be required to go through the steps of setting up an account and then get billed a monthly charge.

Perfect for the Road Warrior

ScreenBeam Mini2 allows people traveling for work or pleasure to enjoy content from their mobile device right on the hotel TV. Download videos in advance from your favorite online sources like Netflix or Hulu and display them from your laptop, tablet or other mobile device. For working people seeking to be more productive on the road, turn the hotel room HDTV into a large monitor for your laptop. At customer meetings, just plug the ScreenBeam Mini2 into the display and project presentations, wirelessly. No more searching different cables and connectors. Now anyone in the room can connect and project, not just the participants within reach of cables.

Connect to the Mini2 Instantly

Enjoy high quality streaming with a dedicated wireless connection directly to an HDTV. Unlike other solutions that must be connected to the home¡¦s WiFi Router, you can wirelessly connect your mobile device directly to the Mini2. Want to share that adorable dog or cat video? You can share the video on your HDTV in just 3 clicks.

ScreenBeam ¡V Industry Standard for Wireless Display

ScreenBeam solutions are used as the validation platform for wireless display functionality by companies like Microsoft, Intel, and other leading device companies.
Actiontec is Microsoft¡¦s lead partner for wireless display, and ScreenBeam is an official development partner for Windows 10, which is deployed in thousands of Microsoft campus conference rooms across the globe.



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