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A strict five-step qualification process is used for all new designs and changes on existing modules.
1. Paper Qualification: Components and Modules are verified to be compatible with governing specifications.

2. Memory Stress Diagnostic: software which exhaustively exercises each bit of the memory array and is run with the places maximums stress on the system memory.
3. Operating System Compatibility :A battery of tests is run to ensure compatibility with appropriate operating systems.
4. Application Compatibility: common applications are run for an extended amount of time to verify compatibility.
5. Reliability environmental test: The procedures outlined above are run in the temperature chamber under temperature and voltages extremes.


A long history of very high speed and heavy load circuit design
1. Tightly controlled trace lengths for all signals on the module.

2. Four/six/eight layer PCBs with unbroken power and ground planes.
3. Tightly controlled impedances to minimize reflections on critical signals.

4. Matched trace length, loading, and termination on clock lines.

5. 30 micro-inches of selectively plated gold on pins.




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