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Flash Drive Styles

-Popular Styles
-Capless / Swivle
-Executive Pens

-Luxury Styles
-Mobile USB
-Packaging Options
-USB Accessories
-Data Uploading






These offer multiple functions some including- laser point lights, card readers, lighters and calculators.

2 in 1 - USB Flash Drive + Cigarette Lighter A+SULT01
2 in 1 - USB Flash Drive + Cigarette Lighter
2 in 1- USB Flash Drive + Laser Pointer A+SULED
2 in 1- USB Flash Drive + Laser Pointer
Laser Pointer A+PH97
2 in 1 USB Flash Drive + Laser Pointer Pen
9 in 1 multifunction A+PH51
9 in 1 multifunction USB Flash Drive includes:
--USB Flash Drive
--Bottle Opener
--Screw Driver
--Keying ( optional)
--Laser pointer switch
--Ball Pen

2 in 1 card reader + USB Flash drive A+SU5312
2 in 1 card reader + USB Flash drive
Timer Watch A+SU141
2 in 1 USB Flash Drive + Stopwatch Timer
2 in 1 USB Flash Drive + Lanyard A+PH76
2 in 1 USB Flash Drive + Lanyard

Card Reader
Card Reader
Cigarette Lighter
Cigarette Lighter
A+PM040 Laiser Pointer A+SU-072
Laiser Pointer
USB Watch A+SU071
USB Watch
Laiser Pointer A+SU173
Laiser Pointer
USB Watch A+SU072
USB Watch
Cigarette Lighter A+LTR02
Cigarette Lighter
USB Watch A+SU073
USB Watch
Cigarette Lighter A+LTR01
Cigarette Lighter

* MOQ - 50 units- depending on stock availability- please note for some styles larger MOQ's might apply
* Printing & Engraving Available-Logo's/ Promotional Materials/ Contact Details on the USB Flash Drives.
* High Quality Original Flash IC- every single individual unit is tested for quality assurance prior to shipment.
* Printing also available on Packaging.
* USB Lanyards available.
* Uploading promotional data can also be available on USB's.
* Please note certain MOQ's exist for certain styles.
* Most of the styles above are offered in more than one colour option.
* Customized OEM available- we may produce USB's made specific to our client's request.
* If you are after any style which is not situated in this catalogue please let us know as we can source it.




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