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MyWirelessTV Wireless HD Transmitter

Model #: MWTV200T

Quick Overview
With Actiontec's MyWirelessTV system, you can watch HD television in any room in the house. This easy-to-use wireless HD video kit wirelessly transmits like HDTV throughout the home, so you can put your HD television wherever you want, without having to worry about HDMI cables. Add a MyWirelessTV Transmitter to your MyWirelessTV system to add a second source device such as a DVR, cable or satellite box, game console, or Blu-Ray player. Any MyWirelessTV wireless HD receivers in your home will be able to wirelessly connect to any of your source devices, whether it's a game console in the family room upstairs or a Blu-Ray player in the bedroom. Simply press a button on the included remote control, and you're able to choose which source to view using the easy on-screen menu.

Perfect for...
MyWirelessTV users who want to add an additional source to their MyWirelessTV system.

Outstanding Benefits
Full 1080p HD and 3D Video
Multi-room support: Wireless signal can travel through standard home walls
MyWirelessTV remote control lets you choose which source to view
Watch movies and other content from your Blu-Ray players and other devices anywhere in the house
Transmit up to 150 feet
Brilliant HD visual experience - virtually no latency
Little interference with your existing wireless network
Easy to use: instantly add a second source to your MyWirelessTV system

Coolest Feature
Easily and cost-effectively add a second source (like a DVR player or game console) to your MyWirelessTV system

Minimum System Requirements
HD set top box, gaming console, or computer equipped with HDMI output
HDTV monitor with HDMI input (optional)
Wireless HD Receiver
USB A to mini-B cable (USB backchannel feature)
USB keyboard/mouse (USB back channel feature)
USB flash drive (for software upgrade)

Actiontec MyWirelessTV Transmitter








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